The Ecstasy of Creation (Srishti Shukher Ullashe)

Kazi Nazrul Islam

Translation: Shaheen Daad


Today I thrill in the ecstasy of creation -
I smile, my eyes glitter,
And my blood revels with effervescent splendour
In the ecstasy of my creation.
That which was stagnant within this cave
Has been today forced open amongst the shattering waves!
Came laughter, there came tears,
Came freedom, there came binds,
My voice is rent, my heart is rent,
And bitter elation there is sent,
All for this tragic heart is meant,
In the ecstasy of my creation.

I became pensive, I became dejected,
Without creation I sighed reflective,
Then the seas began to foam, there was heavenly expansion,
And piercing the sky came the spear of inspiration.
It is a comet that burns,
And the order of creation it overturns,
And as I watch a million flowers bloom in my foundation,
In the ecstasy of my creation.

Even the fire exults, and Spring breathes ruddy,
And Madan flings his arrow bloody.
The flowers of Spring themselves are overwhelmed,
When colour sweeps the four world-ends,
And glows more bright than the yellow-clad maid.
Today there is colour all across my flushed existence
In the ecstasy of creation.

This day I seize the weapon of wile
The beauteous maidens to beguile.
They have the blood-stained feet of Kali,
Though respected, tearful, affectionate, warmly.
I have the words to unlock the feminine heart.
I sound this melodious flute to them, and my tears start,
In the ecstasy of my creation.

Today has come the dusk, the dawn,
The near, the far, the resounding rhythm that overcomes all form,
In mad, ecstatic poesy.
The autumn comes, the flowers drop,
The wintry dew smiles from the blade-top,
In furious, creative ecstasy.

The ocean awakes, the desert rejoices today,
The wide earth shudders, and the forests sway.
A world-devouring storm invades,
While the melody of destruction everywhere pervades.
On my left there lies the decrepit dead,
And on my right the new born babe.

My soul gallops unbound like a wild horse unleashed
In the ecstasy of my creation!
In the ecstasy of my creation!!