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Prof. Winston Langley’s powerful statement about the National Poet of Bangladesh, Kazi Nazrul Islam

“Poets and their poetry, throughout the history of human beings, have had important impacts-negative and affirmative-on human life. One has only to think of Shakespeare, Goethe, Pushkin, Dante, Tagore, Marti, Szymborska, Homer and Ikhnaton, to mention a few. Those important impacts have varied in the range of their geographic and intellectual reach as well as in the nature of scope of their social, spiritual, and, more broadly, cultural meaning. Even in instances where the general and even the culturally lettered public has been little aware of some poets, their influence have continued to reflect and inspire the spiritual terrain over which the journey of human experience has taken place.

One of the modern poets who has had a significant effect on the twentieth century—and I dare say, who will have an even wider and more profound effect on the twenty-first-is Kazi Nazrul Islam.

He is not widely known in the West, and even, in some instances, in the East and the Global South or North, in general. Yet his views on politics, aesthetics, Ethics, religion, human liberation and development, Globalism, the nature of citizenship, and, in general, human nature and possibilities, bear directly on some of the most important themes that have become the defining attributes of where we as human beings (especially after September 11, 2001) are tending and the collective ends we are seeking.”

Dr. Winston E. Langley, Ph. D.
Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs and Professor of Political Science
University of Massachusetts, Boston, MASS. USA
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nazrulcommitteect.aaasi.uconn.edu or icnazrul.com