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Nazrul deserves to be known by the world! The world ought to know about this extraordinary human being and literary mind. Building this website dedicated to the life and works of the Rebel Poet represents a modest initiative toward that immodest goal of introducing Nazrul to the world. Now that the initial structure of this website is in place, I hope that others would take interest in it to make it bloom. The following are some of the areas where help is needed.

  • Album: Do you have pictures relevant to Nazrul's life to add to the album?
  • Articles: Do you have access to or are you aware of articles or material written on or about Nazrul (particularly in English).
  • Web Design: Do you have some ideas to better design this website - overall design as well as specific elements?
  • Research: Do you have interest in or contact information to do further research on Nazrul? Do you know of any expert on Nazrul, Bangladeshi and non-Bangladesh? Also non-Bangla-speaking ones?
  • Ideas: Do you have specific ideas about or interest in introducing Nazrul to the world?
  • Time: Can you help in typing English or Bangla?
  • For any of these matters, please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..