William Jefferson Clinton, the White House, President of the United States of America (Atlanta, GA. April 30, 1998 5th conf.):

“Greetings to everyone gathered for the fifth North America National Nazrul Conference. The abundant gifts of the Bengali people and culture have helped make America strong, and each of you can take pride in your efforts to maintain and advance this important legacy. I commend you for working to ensure that our great country continues to live up to the ideals of liberty and equality on which it was founded”.

Edward M. Kennedy, Senator, United States Senate (Los Angeles, CA. May 21, 2002, 8th conf.):

“ By celebrating the life of Kazi Nazrul Islam, an ardent humanist who advocated global peace, social harmony, and international brotherhood, we are able to share his vision of a world without religious intolerance or terrorism- a vision which becomes ever stronger in light of the tragic events of September 11th. I applaud your remembrance of such a fine humanitarian”.

Honorable Dianne Feinstein, United States Senator (2002):

“Kazi Nazrul Islam, a Bengali poet, has brought global attention to the plight of millions of Muslims and Hindus, and continues to inspire us all. I commend you for working to advance his legacy of peace and international brotherhood. Dedicating the conference to the innocent victims of September 11 is a most fitting tribute to Nazrul’s humanistic vision”.

Honorable Barbara Boxer, United States Senator (2002):

“This year’s event is particularly important because it honors the victims of September 11. Your conference helps reiterate the need for greater cultural understanding during this most difficult time”

His Excellency Syed Hasan Ahmad, Ambassador of Bangladesh to the USA (2002):

“ Nazrul’s poetry, focusing as it did on human values and virtues, contributed immensely to the advancement of Bangla literature. Its influence on the later generation of poets and writers was tremendous. Remembering Nazrul is something which as a nation we owe it to him. I greatly commend this effort on the part of the members of the Bangladeshi community in California who in spite of their being so far away from their motherland have not forgotten to acknowledge the nation’s indebtedness to this immortal soul,”

His Excellency Lalit Mansingh, Ambassador of India to the USA (2002):

“Though Nazrul wrote in Bengali, the eternal values of his writings transgress all narrow linguistic confines. Nazrul holds a special significance in the contemporary world where religious intolerance and terrorism are rearing their ugly heads and socio-economic disparities have still not been addressed”

His Excellency Kamalesh Sharma, Permanent Representative of India to the United Nations:

“I wish to thank you for thinking of me and to wish the event, in honor of one of the literary and humanist giants of South Asia, every success”.

His Excellency William Weld, Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (Boston, MA. May 23rd. 1992 2nd conf.):

“Kazi Nazrul Islam is recognized as the founder of an entire genre of Bengali culture whose talents as a humanist, composer, musician and philosopher have inspired millions; visitors to the conference may participate in a host of events, including seminars, recitations, shows, exhibit displays, musicals and performing arts.”

His Excellency Arnold Schwarzenegger, Governor State of California (Los Angeles, Nazrul Endowment Program, February 21, 2004):

“I salute your efforts to honor the traditions of Americans of Bangladeshi descent. Your legacy of cultural celebration and your effort to foster better communications between peoples of diverse cultures are forces of good in our state. It is also my pleasure to acknowledge the newly established Kazi Nazrul Islam Endowment program at California State University, Northridge, which promotes wider recognition of Bangladeshi Artistic contributions”.