O Nightingale (Bagichay Bulbuli Tui)

Kazi Nazrul Islam

Translation: Rezaul Karim Talukdar


O Nightingle, you shake not, the budding bough in garden
They are in drowse yet and the eyes are still unopen
Alas! Till now the Northern wind
Whispers with the naked bough
The humming bees with the southern breeze-
Did not sing Ghazal till now.
The flower girls will come out when, tearing the veil?
With the kiss of dew, they would rise with the smile!
When the rousing spring will come
And break the shore with the floral flood?
The laughter will sail across the lips
With the dimple on cheeks of the bud!
When the srping is there Oh!
Poet you have drowned in perfume and lost the shore
Now you fill your eyes with tears
Since the breast is filled with flowers.