The Eternal Child
Original: Chiro Shishu
by Kazi Nazrul Islam
Translation: Mohammad Nurul Huda
Courtesy: Mohammad Nurul Huda (ed.) Poetry of Kazi Nazrul Islam in English Translation
[Dhaka: Nazrul Institute, June 2000], p. 212

O the nameless eternal child
you have come across unknown lands,
what ornament of name you have put on!
What a prison it is for the chainless!

Tell me, by what name I'll call you again
to my heart's content,
you lost your way from this home
where you lived, where you do come back
over and over again losing your own name.

O my sweet dear,
you are the radiant pearl of my dark home
filling the hungry home with little butter
your tiny hand has brought.

That today in intimate happiness
a sea of wailing swells up in my bosom
to call you by a new name,
who is there to stop my voice
my mind, too, utterly dejected.

You came from settling down, O traveller
stepping toward rising up.