Revolutionary Arts and Political Poetics: Kazi Nazrul Islam

“Beware my captain”
You have to cross in the darkness of the night
A desert vast and a hill of great height
And a ocean, fathomless and dark
Travelers, beware and look sharp
The boat is trembling,
The water is swelling,
And the boatman is losing his way,
Who will sit at the helm at this hour?
Who has the courage and the power?
The future calls you.
Come forward, all who are bold and true.
(Transl. Kabir Chowdhury. Poetry of Kazi Nazrul Islam. (Ed. Mohammad Nurul Huda). Dhaka: Bangladesh: Nazrul Institute, 1997. p. 351).

“Wake Up Women”
Wake up women, kindle like the blazing flame;
Breaking through all obstacles
Rise with bright red signs on your forehead
Wake up mothers, daughters, sisters, wives
Bring the dazzle of lightening behind dark cloud
Come as ever victorious, ever vibrant
(Transl. Gulshan Ara. Unpublished)

“Song of Victory”
Sing the song of victory
May the new flag of victory flutter like the free spirited Kalboshekhi [summer storm]
(Transl. Gulshan Ara. Unpublished)