Deposition by the Political Prisoner

Today it is undeniable that India is in shackles and its people are slaves. But uttering the truth, indeed calling slave a slave and injustice an injustice, is considered an act of treason in this kingdom. Calling truth a lie, injustice a justice, calling day a night -- how can truth tolerate these type of hypocrisy? How can this type of ruling last? It has continued for so long most likely because truth has become totally apathetic. Now that the truth is awakened, anyone with even a bit of alertness will see this. I have raised my voice against all types of injustice, it has resounded with the outcry of the imprisoned battered souls -- is that why I have been sentenced as a traitor? Is mine the only voice which cried aloud or did it resonate with the heart rending wailing of all the souls tortured for eternity? I know that the thunderous uproar in my voice echoed with the agonizing howling of the souls of eternity. This cry can’t be silenced by punishing or threating me for it will resonate in someone else’s voice.
What if it were the other way around? What if England was occupied by India, and the tortured, unarmed people of England would have been fighting to free their homeland from the grip of India? What if I happened to be the judge and the person judging me today was the prisoner charged with treason? I am sure his statement would also have been the same as mine.
I am a confident person. That is why I simply point out whatever is injustice. I do not try to please anyone or follow anyone’s order for praise, reward,or benefit. I have rebelled not only against iniquity of the king; my mighty sword has also struck just as hard against any type of social iniquity, racism and religious bigotry. As a result, I became the victim of endless abuse, insult, taunting, teasing, vengeful and sarcastic comments and hatred, both at home and outside. Under no circumstances have I compromised my integrity nor insulted my God. Tempted by greed or wealth, I never disrespected my God, compromised my ethics, or insulted my much cherished integrity because God loves me and I am the vina playing the melody of truth. I am a poet and my soul is the soul of a truth-seeking saint. I was born with enormous possibilities. I am not being pompous; rather, I am simply expressing the truth about my self-realization and self-confidence. Blinded by greed or being afraid of the king or the society, I can never accept anything that is wrong, because my God will then forsake me. My soul is the temple of God. That is why people worship me. If God leaves this temple, I will be left with nothing but my desolate soul! That is why the mighty war trumpet of ‘Kalboshekhi’ resonates in my voice. The fiery flag of comet flutters in my hand and the God of destruction dances with ecstasy ushering in the dooms day, signaling the creation of a new era. This is why I held my head high, fearlessly, hoisted His flag and played His mighty trumpet. I heard the call from the most powerful one signifying the most inevitable future, I obeyed the command of His bloody red eyes. That is when I realized that I am the red soldier of the world revolution to restore justice and establish truth. He sent me as an envoy to play His war trumpet to bring to life the dead in the green meadow of Bharat. Being a humble soldier, I tried to carry out His order to the best of my ability.
He knew in this effort I will have to take the first blow. So I feel honored to be His soldier to be struck by the first blow in the path of revolution. After finishing my sentence, with the evidence of torture on my body and bloody scar on my forehead, I will throw myself on His feet for salvation. All my weariness will be wiped off with His kind and loving embrace. I will be revived, rejuvenated and inspired with immense exuberance. Once again, I will stand under his sword with renewed strength ready to obey his new orders. Anticipating those glorious days of bloody red morning, my sentence will – because I am immortal -- be filled with heavenly pleasure, songs and laughter. With my childlike innocence and overzealous ambition, I will turn the torture chamber into a flowery garden; God bestowed upon me this gift without my asking for it. I am fearless and have no regrets, because I know that God is with me. The unfinished job I leave behind will be finished by someone else. Truth can not be stopped by fear of torture. The comet in my hand will now appear in God’s hand as a blazing flame to destroy all injustices and the almighty God himself will be the pilot of my fiery drone. I am fearless.
From the prison cell, my shackled mother has called me to her bosom. I don’t know whether she will really embrace me there. If she does, I will offer my heartfelt gratitude to the judge. Let me repeat: I am courageous, have no regrets, and am indestructable.
The tyrants trying to destroy the truth
Will surely be destroyed some day
It is undeniable that my God decides everything
And He is the savior of all

Dr. Gulshan Ara

– Scientist & Nazrul Researcher

Cathy Schlund-Vials, Prof.,

Dept of English, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT.