Nazrul likewise wrote extensively on the subjects of equality, human rights, and religion, as evidenced by the following excerpts:

About equality:

I sing of equality Nothing is nobler or more precious than humanity Regardless of countries, time and places They are all related

Regarding Labor:

Those who became hard laborers just to serve you
And had their sacred body covered with dust
They are the real people, they are the gods
I sing their song
Their wounded souls
Are ushering in the new era
Come, everyone, from all time, all countries
Gather at the alcove of brotherhood
Listen to the flute calling for unification
If one person is hurt
The pain transcends to everyone
If one person is dishonored
It shrouds the entire human race with shame and humiliation

On religion:

I sing of equality where all the barriers between people disappear
And Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, Christians, all unite
I sing that song of equality
Who are you? A Persian, a Jain, a Jew, a Shantal, a Bhil, a Garo
A Confucian, a disciple of Charbak, go on, say it, anything else?
Dear friend, whoever you might be
Whatever holy books or scriptures you follow or carry on your shoulder
The Quran, the Puranas, the Vedas, the Vedanta, the Bible,
The Tripitak, the Zendavesta
Granthashaheb read as much as you wish,
But why so much bargaining in the shop
Why go through the trouble of injecting your brain with all these
While fresh flowers bloom on your way
Within you are hidden all the books and the wisdom of the centuries
Open you heart, you will find all the scriptures
All religions and Prophets are hidden within you
Your heart is the shrine for all the gods and goddesses
While Nazrul repeatedly stressed that humans were the embodiment of God, he also expressed his deep appreciation for the wonders of the universe and the mystery of creation. This deep sense of spiritualism is evident in the following excerpt:
O, the big child, captivated in your thoughts
You are playing with the Universe
You create and destroy as you wish
No grief, happiness or sadness, ever touches you
The sun, the stars, the planets and the moon are your toys
They lie near your feet