Kalyan Majumdar

Kalyan Majumdar

In May of 1964 Kalyan Majumdar visited Nazrul at his CIT Road Apartment in Calcutta. Due to illness the poet wasn't speaking clearly. Mr. Majumdar's mother was a fan of Nazrul. She helped him memorize some Nazrul poems soon after he started to speak. Nazrul is like a family member to him. He enjoys reciting Nazrul poems. In fact, he has recited from memory the extended poem "Bidrohi" at many social/cultural meets. He also takes interest in music and plays several musical instruments. His short stories have been published in Nabokallol, a well-known magazine from Calcutta. He was born and raised in India although his parents came from Noakhali, Bangladesh. He has lived in the US for 20+ yrs and now is a citizen. Mr Majumdar is a commodity trader. He graciously and patiently helped to further expand and update the Nazrul Audio Collection.


25 January 2016