Dr. Sajed Kamal

Dr. Sajed Kamal

Born in West Bengal, India, Dr. Kamal also lived in East Bengal (later Bangladesh) until coming to USA in 1963. He received doctorate in humanistic studies from Boston University. He is a poet, artist, translator, educator, psychotherapist and solar energy expert. His poetry, in English and Bengali originals, and his translations have been published both in USA and abroad. His paintings, sculptures and photographs have been exhibited in numerous shows. Among his works is a book Kazi Nazrul Islam: Selected Works. He granted permission to include a few of his translations of Nazrul's work in this site. He has also facilitated it by sending the electronic files of those selections. His book on Nazrul has been important in introducing Nazrul to the broader world, beyond Bangla language. Go to his selections available at this website.


25 January 2016